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Costello is a news reporter from the Write Vision News report card, who recently sat down for an interview with film producer Jason Slack and discussed his recent venture into the sports world. Jason slack recently started a sports company called Sport Core Network. Here is what Jason had to say. You can also go to and

The Write Vision newspaper has learned that Jason Slack and his vision for kids foundation is responsible for selling over 6000 cases of Girl Scout cookies throughout the years. Vision 4 kids has teamed up with a number of different organizations aimed at encouraging higher education and child development. Selling Girl Scout cookies, goes towards a college scholarship in the future.

After being created in 2014, it has been announced that will be remodeled and upgraded. Jason Slack has decided to take the lead role on the design team. The website is said to be designed by his Vision Works development company. Mr. Slack stated that he wants this website to demonstrate resemble his hard work over the years and he

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