Jason Slack becomes the first film producer to film in 40 projects.

History was made on July 19th, 2014 when film producer Jason Slack 38, filmed the trailer for his first feature film Rowe in South side Jamaica queens, which happens to be where he grew up. Hundreds gathered around to witness the event in person. A scene from the film is pictured above. Jason Slack grew up in 40 projects and begin writing at the age of 15. His career started when he began rewriting the endings to his favorite movies. He began to gain notoriety for his storytelling and creativity. Not too long after he began writing, he knew he wanted to eventually begin writing his own movies. Being that the projects were always known for other things like crime activities, Jason thought it would be a good idea to film his first movie in his building. He wanted to give people something to celebrate and something that they can remember forever. On July 19,2014, that idea became a reality when he filmed the trailer to his first movie called Rowe. He called this the best day of his career. He said that it was a great feeling to be able to come back and share that moment with the people he grew up with and the people that watched him grow. He has since started his own film production company 40visionfilms, where he plans on producing several films and tv shows. He wants his fans to know that this is not his last time filming in south side Jamaica. He wants to film there often, and he also believes he can find the next breakout star.